Our Church Choir

The Choir in its present form was conceived & formed in the year 1985 by Mr. Selvin, our first choir master and Mrs. Shantha Benjamin ably assisted, by being the Organist. The following Choir Masters and Organists have served for the Church Choir and took great efforts to bring the best out of every singer for the glory of God. Today the listed members are in the choir,singing in all parts of voices with a dedicated and very talented Choir Master and an excellent Organist.

Choir Master's History
S.No Name Period
1 . Mr. Selvin 1985 to 1990
2 Mr. Tamil Selvan 1990 - 1993
3 Mr. T. Solomon Samuel 1993 - 1997
4 Mr. Prince Sundersingh 1998 - Till date

Organist's History
S.No Name Period
1 . Mrs. Shantha Benjamin 1985 to 1990
2 Mr. G. Joyson 1990 - 1995
3 Mr. Johnson Diraviam 1995 - Till date

The choir takes part in various competitions conducted by different organisations and brings laurels and due credit to the Church in many ways. The Choir sings special songs during the service in various occassions. Every year the Choir Sunday is celebrated in the month of September. During the Christmas Carol Service, Harvest and other festivals, the choir plays the major role.

Members of the Choir

Choir Master : Mr. Prince Sundersingh   Organist : Mr. Johnson Diraviam   Violinist : Mr. Roberts

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Ms. Evangeline Gladin Ms. Beulah Augustin Mr. Augustin Mr. Asher Stephen
Ms. Gifty Johnson Ms. Shalin Asher Mr. Edison Perinbaraj Mr. J. Bosco Maharaja
Ms. Janet Kamala Jeyapaul Ms. Sherena Sunderraj Mr. Immanuel Samuel Mr. Chelladurai P.A.
Ms. Jansi Jacob Ms. Shinnah Darwin Mr. Jackson Andrews Mr. Edwin Anburaj
Ms. Jefrina Jacob Mr. Justin John P. Mr. Harrison Peter
Ms. Jeyanthi Chelladurai Mr. Periyanayagam J. Mr. S. Jebakumar
Ms. Joy Angel Perianayagam Mr. Perry Richards P. Mr. Jebastin David
Ms. Joyce Jeyapaul Mr. Stanley A. Mr. Jegan Abraham S.
Ms. Jyothimani Wilson Mr. Sunder Raj D. Mr. Sam Jeyaraj P.
Ms. Magdalene David Mr. Selvaraj D.
Ms. Ruby Suganthy Jeyapaul
Ms. Selvi Johnson
Ms. Suja Jebakumar
Ms. Sumitha Jackson

Apart from our regular Organist the following musicians are blessed with different talents to play the instruments.

1. Mr. Asher Stephen
2. Ms. Shinnah Darwin
3. Mr. P. Justin John
4. Mr. Vijay Christdoss
5. Ms. Metilda Chelladurai

The choir

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