Missionary Support

The Church and the Youth Fellowship support two Missionaries who are working on behalf of our Bombay Diocese. Apart from this the members of our Church collectively & individually support the following Missionary Organisations and Orphanages. 

S.No Organisation
1. Mumbai Diocese Children Ministry
2. Mumbai Diocese Ministry Movement
3. Friends Missionary Prayer Band
4. Indian Misionary Society
5. Gospel Echoing Missionary Society
6. Transfiguration Mission
7. Dying Seed Ministry
8. Indian Evangelical Mission
9. Blessing Youth Mission
10. Vishwavani
11. Maharastra Village Ministry
12. Mission to the Blind
13. Church Growth Missionary Movement
14. The National Missionary Society of India
15. Tamilnadu Gospel Team
16. Sharing Love Ministry (SHALOM)
17. Vision for the visually challenged

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